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How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Hurricane season starts in June and lasts until the end of November. This can be a worrisome time for everyone. Prepping for a hurricane is very important and necessary to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our island. Being prepared will help you to keep a peace of mind during these worrisome times.

Here is The Colleen Sullivan Group’s list of precautions to take:

  • Move all of your patio/outdoor furniture inside
  • Install flood barriers such as sandbags, water gates, or other earthen levees
  • Board up all of your windows
  • Prepare your fridge or freezer to lose power
  • Secure your boat to a safe place if possible
  • Gas up your car for evacuation and keep extra cans of gas
  • Turn off utilities & disconnect all electronic equipment and appliances before you vacate the home
  • Decide where you will evacuate to and, of course, don’t leave your pets behind

If evacuation is not required, you will still need to prepare:

  • Buy enough food & water to last a few days (non-perishable items)
  • Buy a generator if no evacuation is required but you may still experience power outages
  • Have a medical kit & batteries of all types
  • Have multiple light sources and lighters/torches
  • Charge all of your electronic devices
  • Fill up the bathtub with water
  • Designate a “safe room” in the home in case conditions become severe

*Please note the Island is a high flood risk area and if you are told to evacuate, please do so.

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