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Things to Keep In Mind When Searching for the Perfect Home

Home is where the heart is. A place that feels like a tight hug from the moment you walk in the door. A place you share with those you love the most. A place where you are safe, you are warm, you are loved. You should never settle when it comes to finding the right home. 

First, you should make a list of all of the features you would like to have in your ideal perfect home. Then, prioritize some of the most important things you are looking for since it’s likely your perfect home may not have all of these features initially. But just because some homes don’t possess all of the qualities you want, doesn’t mean they can’t be modified and should be crossed off the list completely. Lastly, you should take your time and consider all of your options.

Make sure you have realistic expectations going into looking for the home you’ve always wanted. Realize any home you look at will have its faults. Know your budget and how much you are willing to spend. This way you can search efficiently and don’t get your heart set on a property just to find out it’s over your budget. It would be very helpful to get pre-approved for a loan before you begin your search. 

Knowing which features you want vs. the ones you can’t live without is important. In a perfect world, we could have everything we are looking for without having to make a few tweaks to the list. As a general rule, aesthetic changes are much more manageable than structural ones. Would painting and new floors turn it into your dream house? Adding a few new light fixtures would be much more ideal than updating the roof or adding a front porch to the home.

Let’s talk about features that are a must-have for you when searching for a new home. These are things you can’t change.

It’s all about the location. Would you prefer to be in a neighborhood or have land access? Is proximity to good schools or place of employment an important aspect to consider? If you have a house outside of a community or near a beach, would you prefer to have your own pool? If you do find a home you love in a neighborhood, make sure you’re happy with the amenities it offers along with the overall feel & safety of the community. 

The space is obviously very important next to the location. The home should have just enough space for you and your family. And maybe even a little bit of extra space as well. The age of the home is also an important aspect. You should always make sure things have been updated for homes over 15-20 years old. Do you enjoy cooking for the family? Having a spacious kitchen space would be an important feature for you. Does the home provide enough natural light/have enough windows throughout? These things are a bit more complicated to modify than just giving the home a simple facelift. 

Let’s talk about features that aren’t quite a necessity but you would still like to have. These things you can always modify.

Does the home have carpet but you prefer hardwood floors? Easy fix. Want to add some built-ins in the main living space? Done. Are the cabinets in the kitchen too dark? Paint them. Bathroom shower heads and sinks need updating? Not a problem.  

Space and location are things that you can’t change but you can always remodel the interior to just the way you like it. Now of course you don’t want to spend too much time fixing up the house so you want to find just the right one with just a few minor things to update so you can call it your dream home. 

Whether you’re thinking of purchasing your forever home or a home just for now, purchasing a home is a big investment. You’ll want to make sure that any home you consider purchasing is a good fit for you now and the foreseeable future. Ask yourself if you see yourself in this home for the next 5+ years.

Find a home you think you fell in love with, but need to be 100% sure? A home inspection is well worth the investment. It may seem perfect on the outside, but you want to make sure what you’re seeing is what you’re getting. This way you alleviate any doubts about the home and having issues down the road. 

In the end, look for a home that makes you happy and feel comfortable. The most important thing is that warm & inviteful feeling as soon as you walk through the front door. And the next important thing is being able to picture yourself and your family making memories in this home. Trust your instincts and you will end up in the home that is perfect for you.

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